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Denim Head - A piece of denim, whether it be a jean, a jacket, or a shirt, is often the most personal part of a man’s wardrobe, having taken the shape of its owner, and bearing the scars of their adventures. We want to celebrate the world of denim with you; from those pioneering fabric construction methods, to the folks who like to pay attention to the tried and tested details of heritage design. There is a whole world of denim to explore and we would be happy to take that journey with you. So jump in with us as we explore the majesty of denim from Full Count, ONI, Warehouse, Spellbound, Freewheelers, and many more.

Ivy League - The world of Ivy style is a world of nuanced detail, and countries from all around the globe have stamped their own individual take on it. They say that the golden rule of the many, many rules which govern this subculture is to try very hard to make it seem like you haven’t tried at all! One thing is for sure, Ivy League is a look which breathes a sense of relaxed class into its wearer; a cool, uncaring look which was born out of the American college system. We know that you can do it right, so why not explore some of our Ivy styles from Spellbound, Warehouse & Co, Paraboot, Merz B. Schwanen, Gorouta and more. You can find all the inspiration you need in our archives.

Militaria - Military clothing represents something different for each of us, and will continue to for as long as we have warring in our world, but behind the wall of killing and disaster is a genius logic to uniform design which was born out of practicality and basic need. The clothes that were issued to troops across the world are some of the most mass produced in history, and for many, designs have remained unchanged for decades, standing the test of time for their functionality and becoming truly remarkable. Join us and jump into the world of some of the best military reproduction wear on the planet, from the likes of Buzz Rickson, Full Count, Toys McCoy, Red Wing, Freewheelers, Soldier Blue and more.

Modern Man - The modern man is a free mover and an individual thinker. In this age of over information, he soaks in his surroundings but makes his own choices. His unique personal style comes from a delicate blend of bold design pieces, and subtle combinations of colour. This modern man cannot be put into any categories because he has arrived at his destination by following his own path. We need this modern man to pave the way for others to follow and blaze a trail of individuality. Who says modern can’t be timeless? Celebrate your independent soul and explore our range of unique designs from the likes of Merz B. Schwanen, Warehouse & Co, Topo Designs, Spellbound, Full Count, and many others

Outdoorsman - One of the main reasons behind our love of the great outdoors, to be honest, is the amazing clothes that the necessity of braving them produces. From heavy duty fabrics, to hard wearing fastenings and durable hardware, outdoor clothing needs to be tough and ready to face any adventure that you are willing to throw at it! So if you feel like you were born to be out in the wild, why not take a look at some of our favourite pieces from the archives which are designed to protect you from the harshest conditions as you work, wear and live the outdoor life. In our archives you’ll find pieces from heritage brands such as Stevenson, Freewheelers & Co, Barnes & Moore, Brown Duck-Digger, Warehouse & Co and many more.

Petrol Head - The open road, the freedom to roam, and a heritage bike purring underneath you. For many, the motorcycle symbolises much more than just a way to get from A to B, it is a way of life. We all know the iconography of the vintage motorcycle very well and along with the attitude comes the clothes. Practical design and durable materials are what this industry is built around as the clothes need to be as tough and hard wearing as the lifestyle itself. Leather jackets, raw denim, engineers boots and wide stripe, long sleeved border tees all go into this look. But it is the mystery of the lonesome rider which keeps this subculture as slick as the oil which treats the engines. Explore our huge range of brands, including Red Wing, Tellason, ONI, Barnes & Moore, Buzz Rickson, and more.

Vintage Warrior - To many people the search for quality vintage gear is driven by a desire for simple, durably constructed, and timelessly designed garments. We love vintage design just as much as you do, which is why we scour the globe for brands with the same ideology of classic design, crafted using traditional techniques and quality materials. Many of the brands that we stock here at Son of a Stag get as close to the real thing as you can possibly imagine, so instead of spending a lifetime trawling through thrift shop rails, why not take a look through our collection of vintage inspired design pieces? Explore our range of brands including, Warehouse & Co, Buzz Rickson, Full Count, Freewheelers & Co, Toys McCoy, and many more.

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